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Church Bulletin - Fellowship Times News


Fellowship Times Christian Church is dedicated to educating people with God's Word using modern media and traveling throughout the USA to minister to the lost and needy with the help of our Father, the creator of heaven 

and earth, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit our comforter.

What's Happening Now!

The new site is up!  Bled4me.com 

Online Church With No Walls.  Now everyone is able to attend church anytime, anywhere!  On your phone or laptop with video messages, songs and testimonies.  Reaching the ones that are scared or intimidated or scorned, the outcasts and the lost. 

Video Messages Sent Out on Social Media

Video messages are reaching across the entire USA through advertising markets on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Our goal is to reach more than a million people by the end of 2020.  

Video Message Requests

To request a video message topic CONTACT US HERE

To Send Us a Song

If anyone wants to send us a song to use on the site CONTACT US HERE

( Proper credits will be given.)  

We never pass a plate!  

No excuses!  No special clothes.  No passing the plate.  No traveling needed to visit this online church with No Walls.  

We Are Grateful!

We are always grateful for the individuals and business sponsors that graciously help our mission.

Goals for 2020

To increase in Faith is the first answer.

And to stay on the path that God has for us.

Social Media Blast - Continues

As funding increases we are reaching more of the lost and discouraged where they are.  On their phones and mobile devices using social media to reach over a million people by the end of 2020.

Hand in Hand

As we travel where God's Plan would have us to go, reaching the lost, we pray, we find and know the right vehicle needed.