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“this is my blood, 
which seals God's covenant, my blood poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins."  
- Jesus 
Matthew 26:28 GNT

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My God is Awesome

He is alive


Songs graciously given permission for use by: SMBS Slavic Missionary Bible School.  Links & Music Credits CLICK HERE


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(NEW) Don't Forget the 10

(NEW) What God Hated Yesterday,              He Still Hates Today

(NEW) Don't Get Caught Up 
            in the Hate

Jesus Paid the Fine

Getting Saved is as Easy as 123

God Made it All!  An Obvious Truth


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Step 3 - Musical Bible Studies

(Bible Study by Topic with Music)

I'm Healed




Songs graciously given permission for use by: Fred & the Genius AHAYA (Truth Music).  Links & Music Credits CLICK HERE


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Let's End With a Prayer

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www.Bled4me.com is a an Online Church with No Walls, a Christian Church for Bible Study, Education, and Fellowship.  Watch a video for a song, a message, and share your testimony to inspire others.  With Christ centered faith services, messages from the Bible, fun Bible based word search puzzles and more Christian resources focused on education, church, Bible study, faith, Christian service, and fellowship.  Thank you for visiting and we hope this site inspires your relationship with God to grow and show the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.  In Jesus' name we pray and ask this of our Father in Heaven.  Amen.   Fellowship Times Christian Church